10 Best Websites to Lookup License Plate Numbers

Why would you like to check on a license plate number? It involves many reasons, from buying a used car to checking on who is the wrong driver on the road. There may be a need to apply the laws and regulations before looking up license plates, but that depends on your location.

If you need a quick check on a license plate to verify a few details, you are reading the correct blog. The data you will get is limited due to privacy concerns. On the other hand, you cannot miss information to do with the car reports and mileage, among other things.

There are numerous sites on the internet, but we will be looking at the ones that provide results. With almost everything going to the internet, you should be wary of scams. We, however, have ten websites that will help you find more about the unknown license plate.

VinPit License Plate Number Lookup

Not only does the website have a beautiful interface with everything well-labeled, but it’s also easily accessible. That is why it’s possible to use VinPit for all your license plate lookup issues within the US.

All you need is the license plate number to use it. Since it’s a website, you get to use it on any internet-enabled device. Once you are on the platform, VinPit will help you fulfill the questions you might have about the plate.

You will get a few details related to it, and that may include the vehicle’s VIN. You can later use that, still on VinPit, to get more information about the car. That is why we recognize it as a resourceful website that can tell you more about motor vehicles in general.

What VinPit Will Help Fulfill

Some reasons will drive the need to visit a website like VinPit for a license lookup. Once you enter the plate details, the platform will help in solving the following:

  • If the car has been involved in accidents or crime activities
  • Information about the vehicle you are about to purchase. This applies when you are buying a used car.
  • Court proceedings that involve the vehicle
  • Reporting a bad driver
  • Wanting to know more about an unknown number plate

The law requires you to present a formal request to the local license plate regulation agency before getting the complete information. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) requirements before making a license plate lookup move.

However, you may need to know a few details about the number plate without involving the government regulations. Since you only want to kill your curiosity, loading VinPit on your device and checking on the plate regardless of the model will not hurt.

The only problem is that you can only use the information for personal use since you didn’t present your request formally to obtain the information. Also, since you are doing it for personal reasons, the details will be limited.

What VinPit Will Find Out

As we said, the information will not include everything that the DMV or the regulatory agency in your area has about the license plate. On the other hand, there are public records that will be associated with the vehicle in question.

VinPit gets the info from a rich database that comprises what the DMV, insurance companies, car dealers, and makers provide. Since it’s a third-party lookup site, it will find basic information that involves the following:

  • Accidents and criminal history
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Repossession details
  • Mileage
  • Maintenance
  • Car registration details and ownership history

SearchQuarry License Plate Number Lookup

It’s also possible to retrieve license plate details using the SearchQuarry website. Not only does it look up the plates, but you also get VIN information if you decide to search for it too.

How to find License Plate Number


It uses the publicly available information to get you the needed details. By just typing the plate details on the provided search bar, you get criminal records, driver’s information, liens and judgments, court files involving the vehicle, and phone numbers, if any.

You will also get the VIN that you can use to verify more details via a VIN search dedicated website. If you want unlimited searches, a monthly fee is applicable.


VinCheck.Info is a website that depends on a database with 268 million registered vehicles in the US. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find something about the license plate once you enter the number on the search bar and hit enter.

Best License number finder

It’s also possible to lookup a VIN on the website, and it’s as quick as the license plate search. The network involved in delivering the information comprises government records and auto industries, among other reliable sources.

Some of the information you get includes the car’s market value, fuel efficiency, safety rating, registration and specification details, and a warranty.


If you think a visit to the DMV will take all the time in the world, then FaxVin is another website that can aid in a quick license plate lookup. Since it only needs your browser, you can use it anywhere as long as your device connects to the internet.

Best License number finder

The search will provide details such as the accident history, mileage, lien and repossession, damages, and registration reports. It’s legal to use the website as long as the lookup is personal. FaxVin uses NMVTIS, Canadian motor agencies, carmakers, insurance companies, and auctions to deliver the associated details.


This is another leading website in the US that can help in motor searching. That implies you can run a license plate here or a VIN. There is an extensive database for all car types, and it’s constantly updated.

Find License Plate Number

Looking up a license plate is free of charge, but there is an application fee if you want to get the full report. The search results will involve the traffic records, bad driving records, owner’s information, lien and repossession information, and the registration details.

Vehicle History

Vehicle History is a web-based platform that has a wealth of information about the unknown number plate. Once you look up the details here, you will get the title details, accident reports, road-worthy information, registration details, the current owner, and any other information related to the car and is publicly available.

License Plate number finding

Most of the information comes from the motor vehicle department, service stations, insurance companies, and other reliable and legal sources.

Plate Records Finder

It’s also another resourceful website that will show you the vehicle, lien, and driving reports. It’s free to use, and you only need a few minutes after entering the license plate correctly. You can therefore opt for it if you want to know that you are buying th+e right car.

Best Finder of License plate

It’s also applicable to those who want to verify information about unknown vehicles. The website helps you filter the findings by selecting the state where the license plate belongs. It’s therefore recommendable if you don’t want to deal with too many results.


More free license plate lookup websites also involve the VinFreeCheck. It’s a website that will reveal what’s hidden about the plate, and you also use it for VIN checks. If you want to get the latter using the license plate digits, it is also possible.

Amazing way to License number Finder

The license plate check will tell you if the title is legit, if the car is under a loan, whether it has been involved in any accidents, and the odometer records. More info will include inspection and servicing reports.


If you want your license plate searches to remain confidential, then this is the website to use. PeoplePublicRecords.org only needs you to have an updated browser and an internet connection in addition to the license plate number.

Ideal way to find License number

Inputting the license plate will deliver details such as the vehicle’s VIN, background history, criminal activities, registration details, including owner information, police and court records, etc.

It’s also a website that can help you verify a VIN and people’s records. If you want unlimited searches, you can choose one of the subscription plans provided, with the longest one going for six months.

DMV License Plate Lookup

If you don’t find what you are looking for after running a license plate on the above websites, you can go to the DMV for more information. There are websites for your local agency, and you can use them for a lookup if you don’t want to visit the offices for a formal request.


Those are the ten websites that you can use for a quick license plate check. As you have seen, some details will always pop up, but they will not be exclusive. That is why you should use the websites for personal use or reporting committed offenses.

Start with VinPit at the top and get a downloadable report less than a minute after entering the license plate.

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