1000+1 beauty secrets from experts a complete guide

Beauty secrets are little tricks or life hacks invented by professionals and people in order to facilitate and optimize skin, hair, and body care at home. Folk wisdom, multiplied by ingenuity and supported by scientific knowledge, thanks to modern means of mass communication, including the Internet, has become available in all corners of the world. The secrets of beauty and health allow women, men and even children to look 100% on weekdays and holidays, saving money, precious time and effort.

Beauty secrets for adults

Appearance matters to most people. The image of a successful person in modern society is created thanks to the secrets of youth and beauty that are available to anyone today.

Not everyone has the opportunity to regularly visit a beautician, not everyone can afford expensive professional procedures and cosmetics. Beauty secrets at home, at minimal cost, help eliminate some aesthetic problems, delay aging, and at the same time get rid of complexes associated with appearance, strengthen self-confidence, and relieve the effects of psycho-emotional stress.

In order for the secrets of beauty to “work” successfully, patience and self-discipline are necessary, because it is necessary to take care of the body, face, and hair regularly.

Secrets of female beauty

Throughout the history of human society, the fair sex has been forced to use the secrets of beauty, cosmetics as a weapon in the struggle for their own well-being. And today women’s charms help to achieve success, financial stability, happiness in personal life. On the covers of glossy magazines, on TV screens, sleek beauties reign, with perfect skin, well-groomed hair, seductive forms.

Which of the ladies who flip through the pages of “gloss” or while away their leisure time watching TV does not dream of unraveling the secrets of the beauty of stars in order to look also perfect, from the little fingernail on the leg to the hair on the top of their head? From a young age, girls dream about the appearance of Hollywood and Russian “movie stars”.

Beauty secrets, face and body care in particular, help to make a dream a reality. Often they are kept and passed down in families, from generation to generation. They are shared by mothers with matured daughters, grandmothers with granddaughters, etc. The secrets of female beauty from professionals become the property of the masses, thanks to print media, television, radio and the Internet.

Secrets of youth and beauty for men

A successful image of a modern representative of the strong half of humanity does not fit with a sloppy, unkempt appearance. Today, men actively use the secrets of youth and beauty, which help them maintain the image of business people who are pleasant in all respects. Masculinity has acquired a new quality, respectability, which is based on regular skin and hair care.

Three-day stubble, slight carelessness in the hair and even the absence of hair have their secrets. The chic of a real macho like an expensive perfume, the exquisite bouquet of which is harmony itself, is achieved thanks to the secrets of men’s beauty and health.

Shaving every morning, taking a daily shower, and practicing standard personal hygiene are not enough to move up the career ladder, negotiate, and meet a certain social status. To look fit, slim, attractive, you must:

adhere to a healthy lifestyle;

Healthy food;

use cosmetics created specifically for the strong half of humanity;

do not neglect the services of cosmetologists, hairdressers and stylists;

and also regularly apply homemade beauty secrets.

Secrets of beauty and health of children’s skin and hair

Skin and hair need to be taken care of from an early age. This is not only about hygiene care, but also about simple beauty and health secrets that help parents and other adults raise a baby.

The skin of a newborn has its own distinctive features, primarily because the protective barrier of the dermis, consisting of beneficial bacteria, is still being formed. Indeed, in the mother’s womb, the skin of a child is sterile, and the first meeting with a variety of microbes, “good” and “bad”, occurs at the time of birth, when the fetus passes through the birth canal and is born.

From the moment of birth, it is very important not to disturb the unsteady balance of microorganisms on the skin of the crumbs. With great care, one should approach the choice of the first baby hygiene cosmetics, the main beauty secrets are to ensure that as few chemicals as possible come into contact with the baby’s skin. In the first days of life, the best pediatricians recommend bathing the baby in clean water. If there is no strong pollution, it is not advised to use soap, shampoo and other cosmetics.

As they grow older, hygiene care expands, children learn to keep their bodies clean. Moms, dads and other adults share with them the secrets of the beauty of hair, skin, etc. Mastering the skills of hygienic and aesthetic care, boys and girls lay the foundation for skin health, which will always help to be attractive to others and a self-confident person.

Beauty secrets: the best cosmetics               

Thanks to the experience accumulated by mankind, the main secrets of beauty have long been revealed: cosmetics should be as natural as possible, and care should be regular and thorough.

The human skin is the largest organ in the body. It is a kind of interface that communicates the body with the outside world. When any cosmetic product is applied to the skin, the chemicals contained in it penetrate the dermis and enter the bloodstream, where they can be carried to other systems and organs of the body or accumulate in adipose tissue. Synthetic ingredients in cosmetics have not been adequately tested. Science has only basic information about their impact on health, which is extremely insufficient to fully understand the potential side effects.

The study of toxic substances is still in its infancy, as there are very few studies and trials that demonstrate the long-term effects of the use of certain chemicals on human health.

Back in 2015, scientists estimated that American women, on average, come into contact with 168 chemicals daily through the use of various beauty products. The bodies of Europeans annually absorb about 2 kg of synthetic ingredients. Surely Russian women risk their health no less.

Men expose themselves to fewer risks because they use half as much cosmetics, but they also use daily shampoos, deodorants, shaving foam and other cosmetic products for hygienic and aesthetic hair and skin care.

Some of the chemicals in cosmetics are completely harmless. But there are those that are enemies of the human endocrine system, carcinogens and neurotoxins. There is growing global concern that the combined chemical load from these foods may be directly linked to increased levels of reproductive problems and cancer among the fair sex and the strong.

So scientists from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in a 2013 report presented evidence of the association of chemicals, including those in cosmetics, and reproductive health disorders.

It is difficult to influence the ecological situation in general, it is not easy to organize food so that only safe foods are in the diet. But anyone can reduce skin exposure to hazardous chemicals. In order to reduce the toxic burden on the body, each person must responsibly approach the choice of cosmetics, giving preference to organic products.

Secrets of Organic Beauty Products for Skin

Beauty secrets, cosmetics are indispensable elements in the lives of many people. To preserve and increase health, we recommend using only organic products and homemade beauty secrets.

Conventional cosmetic products contain ingredients synthesized from petroleum, aluminum, lead and other chemicals. They can be effective in improving appearance. But this effect is temporary and deceptive. Synthetic substances damage the protective barrier of the skin, often causing irritation or allergic reactions in sensitive people. Parabens and phthalates are just two examples of hazardous chemicals that are very common in cosmetic products.

One of the main secrets of skin beauty is a simple rule of the best modern cosmetologists: if you cannot eat any product, do not apply it to your face and body.

For example, one of the popular ingredients in organic cosmetics is cocoa butter. It is a natural and highly effective moisturizer that shares valuable fatty acids essential for healthy and youthful skin.

White tea, grape, apricot and pomegranate seed extracts provide antioxidant protection and help the body produce its own collagenase and elastase, two enzymes that keep the skin intact and elastic.

We advise you not to forget about the simple secret of skin beauty and choose exclusively organic cosmetic products for regular care.

Hair beauty secrets: professional care

Homemade beauty secrets for curls today support professional cosmetic products aimed at the mass consumer. Most manufacturers that are reputable leaders in the beauty market produce special lines of care products for people with different abilities and needs. Including for those adults and children who have special needs associated with various aesthetic problems and health disorders. For example, for patients with:



seborrhea, etc.

As in the case of the dermis, the hairy appendages of the skin require quality, safe products. Using organic products for professional care and styling, as well as proven hair beauty secrets, you can maintain their health, blooming appearance and prolong youth.

Home beauty secrets

Oscar Wilde once said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” However, this does not mean at all that people should give up all attempts to get rid of shortcomings. And although today a huge assortment of cosmetic products awaits a person on the shelves of specialized stores and departments of supermarkets, there are beauty secrets, at home, with the help of affordable products, allowing you to achieve excellent results.

In our country and around the world, people collect ancient beauty secrets and advice from modern cosmetologists, beauty secrets of stars and little “tricks” of girlfriends, work colleagues, etc. Among them are recommendations for daily hair and skin care. Simple beauty secrets help eliminate problems such as:



dry hair;

stretch marks and many more.

Using natural products and homemade beauty secrets for hair and skin care, you will have to spend more time and effort than using conventional cosmetics. However, with the ingredients available in any kitchen, you can achieve excellent results, without unpleasant side effects.

Beauty secrets: hair care at home

Probably everyone, looking in the mirror, more than once dreamed of perfect curls. Few people today can boast of healthy hair that never tangles, does not split, does not upset with dandruff, etc. Most of the living today experience a lot of fairly common problems with their hair.

Along with using shampoos, dyes, various gels and conditioners to tame unruly strands, hair beauty secrets help achieve the same results.

Hair, just like skin, gratefully accepts regular care with natural products. The only condition for success is consistency. Natural remedies, food can be used to restore shine to hair, eliminate dryness, etc. Random treatments will not help here. It is important to regularly apply beauty secrets, care should be constant.

Beauty secrets: facial care at home

The skin is not only the largest organ in the human body, but also a kind of indicator, an indicator of the level of health. An experienced specialist in the type of skin can even diagnose some diseases of the internal organs.

So that time and living conditions do not lead to untimely withering and diseases of the dermis, professional and home procedures help. Thanks to them, the beauty of the skin is preserved, secrets, small and large, suggest the shortest path to perfection.

At different times of the year, the “menu” for the skin changes. Either one or the other product becomes a “superstar” and replenishes the home piggy bank of simple beauty secrets.

For example, in winter, spinach greens, carrots or avocados can become the leader. Natural ingredients of folk recipes and beauty secrets for the face and body will help to cope with signs of micronutrient deficiency, dry skin, which often occur during the cold season, when Russians experience a lack of sunlight, vitamins and the adverse effects of adverse factors, as well as heating appliances.

Right now, many men and women are creating their secrets of youth and beauty, “goodies” for the skin, conjuring in the kitchen. And it’s a great way to save money on cosmetics and reduce your body’s exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Do not be afraid to experiment, creating new beauty secrets, the face and body will accept them with gratitude, respond with health and youthful radiance. But stay away from those foods that you are allergic to. Their topical application can provoke violent skin allergic reactions.

Beauty secrets: home nail care

Nature gave people nails “made” of keratin, the density of which is provided by the amino acid cysteine. The original formula of their natural material includes sulfur, as well as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, chromium. Sometimes the nail plates become brittle, dry, change color. Sometimes the reasons lie in the excessive use of nail polish and other decorative coatings, as well as products for their removal. But instead of eliminating the damaging factor, many try to hide the result of its impact, masking the damage and multiplying existing problems.

Medicinal products, salon procedures, as well as beauty secrets and home care help restore a healthy look to nails.

Baths for nails, medicinal solutions and tinctures help strengthen the nail plates. They restore strength, healthy appearance and attractiveness.

Secrets of harmony and beauty

Remembering that everything in a person should be perfect, one should take care not only of the face, hair, nails, but also of the body. And this is not about the skin, but about the forms, volumes, muscle tone.

The secrets of harmony and beauty allow male and female people at any age to remain fit, mobile, energetic, and most importantly, healthy. They are not limited to just weight control. Modern individual programs include:

diet food;

various types of fitness;

spiritual practices to reduce the chronic impact of psycho-emotional stress;

salon procedures;

as well as folk and professional beauty secrets used at home.

They are very diverse and unlike each other. There are beauty and health secrets that relate to personal hygiene, in a broad sense. They regulate the daily routine, teach you how to eat right, give recommendations on fitness training, etc. The secrets of female beauty are based on modern knowledge about the characteristics of the body of the fair sex and have some significant differences from those intended for men.

One of the fronts of the war for the perfect body is the fight against cellulite. Although the “orange peel” sometimes annoys men, usually an aesthetic problem caused by the growth of subcutaneous fat and changes in the structure of the dermis, scientifically called “lipodystrophy”, ruins the life of the fair sex.

The secrets of harmony and beauty include homemade recipes for cellulite:




scrubs, etc.

Simple beauty secrets from different countries

Throughout its thousand-year history, mankind has been “collecting” various life hacks, including those from the field of cosmetology. Each nation carefully kept the ancient secrets of beauty and created new ones. Before the advent of writing, as well as any other knowledge, folklore, Russian, Italian or Korean beauty secrets were transmitted exclusively by word of mouth. Then they began to record, publish brochures and books. The first collections of hygiene care rules and beauty secrets appeared.

And today, refined French women, bright African women, seductive Latin American women, extremely natural inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries and Germany – all have their own beauty and health secrets. As a rule, they use available vegetable products, which are popular ingredients of national cuisines and grow in the area inhabited by one or another people.

And this is very important. Since the human body has a “genetic memory”, it is adapted to the effects of certain foods. Therefore, folk secrets of female beauty and recipes for men, colored with national colors, are less likely to cause allergic reactions and other health problems.

Lifehacks from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece

Thanks to the invention of writing, the papyri that have survived to this day have preserved and conveyed to subsequent generations the accumulated practical experience. For example, those ancient secrets of beauty, which 10 thousand years ago were owned by Egyptian priests and ordinary Egyptians. Some cosmetics and even decorative cosmetics have been found during excavations of tombs in the modern territory of this country.

Many of the beauty secrets of the eastern women of Ancient Egypt, the time of the pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled in the 14th century BC. e., and his beautiful wife Nefertiti, and now make up the “arsenal” of the most famous fashionistas. Just like thousands of years ago, modern women “antimony” eyebrows and “let down” eyes, use organic oils and other Egyptian beauty secrets at home, without even thinking that they came to them from time immemorial.

But some of the original recipes that made up the ancient beauty secrets of the Egyptians are too complicated. It is difficult to reproduce some of the drugs used by the mistress of Mark Antony and Julius Caesar, the queen of the Egyptian lands Cleopatra. Few people today can afford to take a bath of donkey fresh milk, dissolving natural pearl powder in it.

Long before the birth of Christ, the beauties and beauties of Ancient Greece owned oriental beauty secrets and knew how to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Seven centuries before the new era, Greek women whitened their skin, blackened their eyebrows, and took care of their curls. They used the secrets of slimness and beauty to influence men and interfere with historical events. The ancient monuments of art, the Iliad and the Odyssey, can serve as evidence of this.

Perhaps one of the national products for nutrition, skin beauty, the secrets of attractive hair and good health can rightfully be called olive oil. Ancient Egypt in the third millennium BC not only actively sold it on the domestic market, but also exported it to other countries. And modern Greece is today considered one of the leading producing countries of this food product, which is also the most popular beauty product.

Beauty secrets of oriental women

Historically, fighting for her place in the sun, a woman was forced to use the main weapon – attractiveness, honing it with the help of the secrets of the beauty of the face and body. After all, the representatives of the weaker sex could not survive and raise offspring without men. In particular, the competition was fierce, and in some countries, for example, in Saudi Arabia, it remains so to this day, where religion and law allowed and today do not prohibit polygamy, concubines, harems.

The beauty secrets of Eastern women allowed not only to win in a fierce battle with competitors, but also to become the unspoken rulers of mighty powers. There have been many almighty beauties in history. For example, the legendary Chinese woman Yang Guifei, the favorite concubine of Emperor Tang Xuanyzong, who even had a monument erected in Shaanxi province.

Natural cosmetics and beauty secrets of Japanese geishas

Women without age, who even at 40 look half their true age, like porcelain dolls with perfect skin and luxurious hair , inhabit a mysterious country called Japan. They know that the secrets of beauty can keep a person’s face and body beautiful and attractive for many years.

Traditional Japanese beauty secrets were sacredly kept by geisha, whose profession involved special training. The geisha school gave not only knowledge in the field of cosmetology, dietology, reflexology, but also classical education, psychological training, and developed talents. The beauty had to have an impeccable appearance, taste, the ability to keep up a conversation, entertain guests with singing and playing musical instruments.

In addition, a geisha had to possess a delicacy, which seems to the uninitiated in Japanese beauty secrets, something quite natural. But in fact, it is the product of long exercises and regular care, strict self-discipline and great work.

To please, attract, captivate with charms, geisha changed their own body. Japanese beauty secrets, in accordance with the traditional aesthetic canons and ideas of the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun, for example, prescribed to wear “orthopedic” shoes that abducted the big toes, and for a modern European, perhaps, they can evoke associations with torture from the time of the Inquisition. 

Although the “competitive struggle” did not involve charity, “textbooks” were required for new students. Therefore, the Japanese beauty secrets that geisha owned were once collected in a book. Its name in Russian transcription sounds like “Kokonto Tokoro”. Historians managed to restore recipes for hair masks that give strength and charming shine. The ancient collection contains compositions for bleaching baths and masks, giving an aristocratic pallor, similar to porcelain to the skin.

Today they are successfully used not only by Japanese women. They have become part of the world heritage, international secrets of female beauty. After all, the recipes of the ancient beauties of Japan often include quite affordable organic ingredients:

rice flour;


green tea, etc.

Korean Beauty Secrets

Today, inexpensive but effective cosmetics and traditional Korean beauty secrets are in trend. The women of this country have their own philosophy, aesthetics of the body, concepts of beauty. Korean women, by and large, look well-groomed not because they use expensive cosmetics and innovative salon procedures. From childhood, they are initiated into the secrets of skin and hair care, use cosmetic rituals daily, maintaining attractiveness and prolonging youth.

Korean beauty secrets and traditional skin care recipes use organic ingredients. Among the most popular natural products in their composition:


snail slime;

rice flour;

seaweed, etc.

In this country, it is believed that hair and skin should be nourished not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Therefore, Korean beauty secrets exist in harmony with national cuisine. For example, from early childhood, Korean girls know that kimchi (sauerkraut) is the superfood of all beauties. Probably hundreds of years ago no one knew that fermented foods like kimchi are a great probiotic. But today science knows that it:


is the best nutrition for the human microbiome;

activates the immune system;

optimizes the work of the digestive organs;

improves skin color;

serves to prevent many diseases of the dermis, etc.

Little secrets of Indian beauties

The beauty secrets of Eastern women became part of the ancient Indian teachings of Ayurveda and were passed from teacher to student along with other knowledge from the field of medicine and philosophy. Even today, mothers of Indian girls generously share them, teaching their daughters how to care for hair, skin, as well as the art of attractiveness, which includes the secrets of harmony and beauty. Therefore, modern Indian women not only follow their figure, go in for fitness, but also diligently master the skills of ancient dancers.

The secrets of beauty in modern India , as well as many thousands of years ago, are not limited to the outer shell of a person. It is believed that the face and body should be illuminated by spiritual energy coming from within. Yoga, meditation and other mental practices allow you to achieve harmony of the external and internal components.

For routine skin and hair care, Indian women use products that are quite affordable and familiar to Europeans, such as cottage cheese, honey. And exotic fruits and spices, for example:

amla – Indian gooseberry, used in masks for dry, damaged hair;

Azadirahta – all parts of the sacred neem tree, universal ingredients for various beauty secrets of oriental women;

Multani Mitti or Fuller’s earth is a special clay, extremely rich in micronutrients and biologically active substances.

Ancient beauty secrets of the Slavic peoples

The generous land has always endowed the Slavs with its mercy and organic products, which were used for hygienic and aesthetic skin and hair care. Simple beauty secrets actively used:

dairy products;


decoctions of medicinal herbs;

plant infusions;

honey, etc.

The secrets of youth and beauty were a family treasure and passed down from generation to generation. The elders traditionally taught children and teenagers how to take care of the body. Marriable girls could be considered beauties if their white skin did not have flaws in the form of age spots, freckles, etc. Therefore, they tried to protect the skin from sunlight and brightened it with masks with cabbage juice, yogurt, parsley.

The braids of the Slavs have always been the subject of national pride and envy of the Scandinavians, residents of the north-west of Europe and not only. The secrets of hair beauty were in a special genetic code and in regular care.

So in Rus’, in order for the strands to become obedient and grow quickly, they were flavored with burdock oil and fermented milk. Hair was washed with rain or snowmelt water, using wood ash, egg yolks. Even combing had its own beauty secrets, special rules, secret slander.

Many life hacks that modern Russian women use for home care of hair, nails, skin are time-tested and are rooted in the depths of centuries.

Star beauty secrets

Famous people who look from the covers of glossy magazines, flash on TV screens are role models, trendsetters. Their appearance is a joint product that is born through the efforts of cosmetologists, makeup artists, stylists, and sometimes plastic surgeons. However, many of them have little secrets, their usual rituals that allow you to always match the image.

The secrets of the beauty of the stars are of great interest to the masses, since ordinary people can observe the results of their effectiveness, thanks to the media, in dynamics. The appearance of favorite film actors, popular singers, TV presenters and other “demigods” is the subject of discussion in offices, public transport, and kitchens.

Sometimes the beauty secrets of stars seem like a pipe dream, like a $700 jar of sturgeon caviar cream used by Angelina Jolie. Sometimes they are scary, like injections for rejuvenation based on snake venom, which Kate Moss dared to do. Or they cause some disgust in squeamish persons, like cosmetics based on nightingale droppings, which are used by Victoria Beckham.

But many secrets of the rich and famous turn out to be simple and accessible to everyone. For example, rejuvenating baths with ice water, which are used by Kate Hudson. Or the honey and beer hair masks adored by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Thanks to them, ordinary people can feel like “stars”, becoming more attractive, healthier and younger.