5 Best Video Editing Software For 2024

Videos have dominated the world of social media. Today, one can depict every sector of life with the help of online videos. The best part is, that everyone can access them, and anyone can upload them. And this sector gives rise to a new job form, i.e., ‘Video Editing.’

An utterly new job type that a 15-year-old kid or even a 50-year-old man can perform. The thing you need for this is creativity, producing fantastic output, and turning your ideas into a piece of art.

With the rise of Videography, the need for a video editor has also grown with video editing software. So, today we will discuss the difference, both Free and paid video editing software which will be helpful. Whether you’re a content creator, freelance video editor, or work in a formal firm, you won’t regret reading this.


In Video is an online video editing platform that allows the creation of stunning videos. It has proven helpful for marketers, publishers, individuals, and agencies. As an online video editor, it is constantly updated and helps video marketers use the best and latest techniques to skyrocket their sales.

It also allows the users to import media like video and music in high quality if they don’t have one. The online editor loads with an awesome template that one can customize as per the user’s requirement, including changing colors, Animation, transition, adding shapes, emojis, and more. 

You can also preview the video. Once you’re satisfied with it, you can export it and download it in any playable format. You do not have to spend any money to use these facilities. It all comes free to you and is accessible on all kinds of devices.

Just visit the online editor on any browser. Upload your media if you have otherwise; you can choose it from the vast gallery of interactive videos and audio, create in your style, preview, and export. As simple as that and produces eye-catching videos for free. 


Shotcut is the best video editor for low-end PCs. It comes with a long list of features, including a chroma key, 3D text, time, frames, and various others. It also supports all kinds of formats for import like FFmpeg, 4K, ProRes, and DNxHD.

It also includes several transitions and in-video effects like color bars, countdown, plasma, and various others. These features are enough to give your video a professional look and are free of cost.

It comes with an excellent interface of black and grey, but this mainly depends on the user’s taste. Some editors may find it a little quirky as it develops to work only on Linux. 

With the great success of the software on Linux, the developers decided to launch it on both Mac and Windows. That’s why the software is available on all three platforms, i.e., Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Another reason for the software to rank on the 2nd number is its UI, which is very friendly. To make this factor more effective, dozens of tutorial videos of Shotcut are present on its official website.

The developers always keep a check and should constantly update their customers. The new version of Shotcut and its new and unique features. Which ultimately adds up to its ‘Feature List.’

Adobe Premiere pro 

And here is the leading software in the industry. The most renowned name in the Video editor is none other than Adobe Premiere Pro. 

You must have seen or heard of a professional using it, which is, of course, paid software. Although, the company allows you to get a free trial of it.

However, according to experts, a newbie should avoid this software as it is a little tricky and takes time to learn. It may kill that interest in learning editing in a new editor; that’s why some people will not recommend it to you if you’re new to the industry.

But in case you have a bit of experience in editing, and you can invest in booming your editing career, this one is the most recommended to you.

Developed by Adobe’s most popular and respected brand, it comes with a unique feature. It makes the ‘value for money’ deal like Text gradients, Label color for captions, improved caption trimming, loudness meters, etc. It helps you to show off your creativity. Available for Mac & Windows, this Video editor can enhance your skills if you’re ready to invest in your dreams.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora by Wondershare is another giant in the industry. Along with supporting all the formats, it is the one-stop software if you record your videos on your own.

4k editing support, GIF support, noise removal, and reversing of the clip are the various features. Social import, speed control, etc., are the features that make it a table or at least a considerable software.

And as most of you must have guessed, these features are not free, you have to invest some money in it and then you’ll be ready to rock with it. The software supports Mac and Windows and can be your next personal favorite video editor.


As its name suggests, the software is also an open-source editor, simple yet powerful. This statement is also mentioned in its tagline. 

It is a perfect editor for new editors who want to start their careers with a free, simple, and exciting video editor. This video editing software supports Mac, Windows, and Linux. It also provides:

  • Various features like Animation and keyframes.
  • Video effects.
  • Slow-motion and time effects.
  • Other essential and advanced features will suit a newbie.

As mentioned above, this software is entirely free. So, don’t wait; download it and start your editing career. 


So, these were some fantastic software that you must consider if you are a new editor or an experienced one. The list contains both free and paid software. In short, first, you should start with a free one, and when you feel that you are lagging with free software features, you can move to a paid one. But remember to be consistent at your practice and master one software and then move to another. You may also like Free Language Translator Crack Full Version {2024}