CocoFinder Review: The Best Free Background Check Site

Did you spot a new neighbor in town? He seems friendly, but you don’t know much about them. Such an instance happens every other day, not to mention many things you don’t know about people.

That includes close friends and family. The question we will be answering here is how you get more information about an individual without asking too much. They will not tell everything, and there are personal things you can’t just ask.

Have you heard of background checks? Whether you have or haven’t, we will introduce you to a website that can tell you more about people. It’s CocoFinder, and it can tell you more about people’s names, addresses, and more.

CocoFinder Overview

One of the best methods to solve the unknown about people is to head online for answers. Searching for their names and address directly on search engines can produce solutions. The problem is that some information may not be readily available on Google or your favorite search engine.

That is where you need more direct websites such as CocoFinder. This is a platform that works like a search engine, only that it will be telling you more about people in general. All you need is the first and last names, the city they dwell in, and then filter by the state.

That seems easy. Yes, it is, and that’s all you need to feed CocoFinder to get you the rest of the details. It uncovers everything from the full names to what they do on social media. The website depends on a vast database of public records from fifty states in the US.

Therefore, as long as the individual dwells in the US, there will always be something for you. It takes a few minutes to get the results. You don’t need to sign up, and that’s why we say it works like your favorite search engine. Also, you can do a reverse phone lookup online.

Now that you have a glimpse of what to expect, let’s see the background searches about people involved on CocoFinder.

What Will You Get from a CocoFinder Background Check

This is a website that can reveal a lot. Once you feed in the first and last names, you will get some information, although the results may be numerous. That is why filtering by using a city name and selecting the state is necessary.

Once you click on the “Start Search” button, the rest is about rolling out the results. When you get the right name in the alphabetical list, there will be information under it. It will include the following:

All the criminal records involving arrest warrants and convictions if the case proceeded. You get to know the town and state where the crime was committed and if the arrest warrant went to court or not.

  • Any civil records about the person, if available.
  • If the individual has committed any sexual offenses, CocoFinder will show you.
  • The education and work history
  • Social media profiles from the different platforms, if available
  • Any other available details associated with the person

What you get depends on what is known about the person. So, you may not get much, but if there is something queer, you will learn about it. All you need is a few minutes to get the results. You will not need to pay for anything, and your searches will be completely confidential.

How to Do a Background Check with CocoFinder

The days of going to search in large directories and phone books are over. It’s time-consuming to do that when you have CocoFinder to do the perusing for you. The interface is user-friendly, and everything is just direct.

All you need is the available search bar at the top and feed it what it asks. After that, you can wait for the results. The steps to get a quick background search will involve the following:

Step 1: Visit the CocoFinder website and click on the “Background Check” link at the top navigation. Proceed to enter the first and last names in the input fields provided.

Step 2: Enter the city and then filter by the state. If you are not sure, you can leave these parts out. CocoFinder will take more time to dig in, and you may get a lot of names on the list.

Step 3: Once you enter all the correct parameters, hit the “Start Search” button and wait for the results. That’s it!

There will be a comprehensive background of the searched name. CocoFinder also gives you a chance to download the report, which will have everything from the addresses to the criminal records.

Why Use CocoFinder for Background Checks

We agree that other websites will also offer you the same services. CocoFinder stands out by possessing the following qualities:

Quick Results

You only need a few minutes to get the results. There is nothing complicated since the platform works like your favorite search engine. Depending on the filtered results, you may get more names, but they are arranged in alphabetical order.

So, it will not be hard to find the right one.

Comprehensive Information

CocoFinder depends on a vast database that spreads across the fifty states. You will therefore get everything that the public records hold about the anonymous. It’s a chance for you to know more about your neighbor or the new business partner you just met.


No one will know that you searched for someone on CocoFinder. That includes the targeted individual when they decide to check on themselves and who else has searched about them. The searches you perform will disappear in 24 hours.

You, therefore, don’t need to look over your shoulder after downloading the report.

Free Background Checks 

You don’t need to spend even a single cent when performing the search. There is also no need for an account or anything similar. As we said, it’s a search site that works like a search engine. All you need are a few details about the anonymous, and CocoFinder will find out the rest.


Visiting the CocoFinder website will reveal more than what we have just discussed. There are other searches you can perform on the website. If you only need a background check, it’s easy to accomplish that once you follow the instructions.

If there are limited results, you can fetch the found names, addresses, or phone numbers to perform more searches via CocoFinder.

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