HotTelecom is Easy to Use, Just Do It

I had a vague idea about HotTelecom and the service it provides. They sell and support IP telephony. But I have never looked into using the service before. I did not quite understand how it works and was convinced I did not need it. A mistake!

The service offers a lot, and I want to share what I’ve found useful for myself.

Local and Secretive SMS Phone Numbers

Almost each and every service you use today asks for your phone number. Your bank needs to send you a confirmation code; online and offline shops use your number for their bonus systems; to register an email or an account with a messenger or a social network, you are required to provide your mobile number too. Things get more complicated and expensive if you travel and need to receive text messages from different countries.

An IP phone number that accommodates short text messages from a particular country and forwards them to your other phone or email and also logs them in a cloud is both affordable and practical. It saves you from carrying two mobiles phones around or opting for a dual SIM phone and relying on roaming when you are not in a country the number belongs to.

I can reach my text messages without a phone — just need to log in to my account, and that is it. HotTelecom provides a high level of protection of my data.

If you have ever experienced how annoying it might be to have no possibility to use a local service without a local mobile number, you will see why national SMS numbers are that popular.

For some services, you need to receive a text only once to open an account. Not a problem for HotTelecom. You can buy a one-time number to register an account on Instagram or WhatsUp for a good value and keep your privacy.

 A Virtual Mobile Number for My Freelance Work

When you work remotely, you are spoilt for choice with means of communication. Still, I know that it is easier for my clients to get in touch with me through their national mobile line with high-quality sound and no freezing or noise. With a HotTelecom mobile number, the sound is as clear as if we are in the same room together, and all incoming calls are free for me. I work with many clients, and sometimes I need to discuss some product peculiarities by phone. I find it very useful that I can keep track of all conversation records.

You can start using the VoIP service in no time. The registration takes a couple of minutes. Customer support is always there to help. The important thing is to acknowledge how the service can make your life better, guard your privacy, make you closer to your clients and partners abroad, and reduce your communication costs.