How the Best Lawyers Stay Organized: Tips and Tricks

There are currently around 1.3 million lawyers in the United States.

But what separates the best lawyers from the rest of them? When you’re working in the legal industry, organizational skills are vitally important. Organized lawyers are more prepared for their jobs, and can make a bigger difference. 

Keep reading to learn about how to stay organized as a lawyer. 

Law Office Supplies

There are specific office supplies for lawyers to use that help them stay organized. Arguably, one of the most important of these is labels. 

From keeping your own office running smoothly to organizing evidence, clear labeling and documenting are important. This way you make sure you know where everything is, so it’s much less likely that you’ll lose documents. 

Check out these exhibit tabs from to keep evidence in order. 

Time Management

If you’re not leaving wiggle room for emergencies, you’re always going to be battling for time. 

Being a lawyer means managing hundreds of moving parts. You’re waiting on people to get back to you, you’re keeping to deadlines, you’re doing your work, and so much more. Without proper time management, you’re not going to get everything done. 

Use project management tools or hire a project manager to keep track of all the moving parts. Use a time management tool and document everything. Make sure you leave time open for adjustments and emergencies – you know you’ll need it. 

Clear Your Clutter

Even if everything is organized, it’s useless when it’s all sitting around your office in stacks of paper you’ll never get to. 

Keep your office clean and uncluttered. Make sure you’ve got a good filing system in place. If your clutter comes from open cases, then bring in an extra filing system for those, and once they’re closed you can incorporate them into the rest of the system. 

Shelves and filing cabinets are a great way to organize your office. Make sure your desk is relatively clear. It should only have essentials on it. 

Remove Distractions

If you’re getting so many notifications that you don’t even read them, then turn them off. Set it up so that only the important ones are popping up. This applies to your phone and computer. 

If your office has windows with views that distract you, look into curtains or blinds. 

You need to set up your space so that you’re only seeing what you need to.

Manage Communication

Like in many professions, communication is key. Organized lawyers have excellent communication channels with their clients and any other stakeholders they need. 

This streamlines communication gets information faster and clarifies objectives. This means lawyers can do their jobs more efficiently. 

Stay Organized Like the Best Lawyers

Now that you know these organizational tips for lawyers, you’re going to be working better than ever! The best lawyers are the ones who are organized and prepared, and this way you’ll be one of them. 

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