How to activate Office 2019

One of the most successful and advanced Microsoft programs is Office 2019. The latest version of the 2021 program does not stand out in any way, the interface has changed a little, and more system resources are required to run. So users give their preference to Office 2019. However, a license for a software product is expensive. Microsoft has raised the price tag to the skies. We found a way out – this is a free KMSAuto activator for Office.

The Activator program has worked with all Office versions since 2010. To activate Office, you need to download the archive from KMSAuto and run the program from the archive with administrator rights. You can download the archive on the page below in the instructions section. The latest version of the utility was released in October 2022. The developer of Ratiborus kindly provided the program for public access. Please note that antivirus programs may block Office activation. It is necessary to put the antivirus on pause for a while.

How to activate the Office 2019 license using the Kms activator

  1. Download KmsAuto the archive with the activator;
  2. Run the activator on behalf of the administrator and first click the ACTIVATION button, then the ACTIVATION OFFICE button;
  3. Restart your computer and activation is completed.

Additional features of the activator program are the ability to activate all versions of the Windows operating system starting from version 7 and higher. In older versions of the activator, errors, and a blue screen sometimes appeared. But these bugs were fixed long ago. Now the program works like clockwork. Make sure that the Microsoft Framework NET 4 software is installed on your computer.

Also, the activator program will need at least 40 megabytes of free space on your hard disk.  The program does not make changes to the Windows registry branches and is completely safe for the operating system.