Live betting strategy and other volleyball betting options

You need to choose matches for live in advance, while carefully studying the statistics. In live at night, bookmakers slowly change the odds (the human factor has not yet been canceled), so experienced players can make a profit on this.

The advantage of live betting on volleyball is an online broadcast, with which you can place bets depending on the situation.

For example, if one of the teams began to hand over physically, then you can bet on the victory of the second participant in the set. The essence of this strategy is to constantly monitor the event and play ahead of the curve.

Set betting

Betting companie give low odds for the victory of the favorite in the match, since he, most often, wins with a large score (3:0, 3:1). But for the victory of a strong team in a set, the odds are slightly higher. Therefore, you can bet on the victory of the favorite in a particular set. Also, after analyzing the results of the last 5-10 matches of a particular team, you can understand its style of play, and depending on this, bet on the exact score, on the number of sets, on the handicap in the set. If the clear favorite lost the first game, then it is likely that he will win back in the second.

Forks in volleyball

The betting surebet makes it possible to bet on all possible outcomes of a match in different bookmakers and at the same time make a profit, regardless of the outcome of the match. Let’s use an example to explain this tactic. Volleyball match, team 1 and team 2 meet. Bookmaker A provides odds of 3.0 for the victory of the first one, and bookmaker B offers odds of 1.8 for the victory of team 2. In order to get a win regardless of the result, we do the following: we bet 150 rubles in bookmaker A for the victory of team 1 with odds. 3.0, and 250 rubles in BC B for the victory of team 2 at a coefficient of 1.8. The total amount of our bet is 400 rubles.

Since a draw is not provided for in volleyball by the regulations, the result will be as follows: if the bet goes to bookmaker A, then we get 150 rubles * 3.0 = 450 rubles, net income is 50 rubles. If the bet in BC B wins, we get: 250 rubles * 1.8 = 450 rubles. The income is 50 rubles. To search for arbs, we recommend using arb calculators and specialized resources.