Step by Step Guide to Fix a Corrupted DLL File

DLL files or Dynamic Link Libraries are files that provide a specific resource (code or other UI/UX elements) that windows use to run programs. The functioning of many programs like games, video/audio players, and other utility software remains dependent on these files.  If a DLL file is corrupt or missing from your computer, it might result in some apps malfunctioning.

Although most DLL file errors can be solved with basic troubleshooting steps, there might be chances when a DLL file is corrupted and can’t be used again.

You will have to find a good source that provides direct download links to such specific files in such cases. These specific DLL files can be found on the internet, but you should choose reliable ways like msvcp140.dll download.

Fix a Corrupted DLL File

There are very basic steps that you should perform to troubleshoot DLL file errors before proceeding to more specified solutions. Many times these file errors can be resolved by simple steps like:

Restarting your Machine

There are situations where the DLL file errors are temporary. These are usually caused when a particular program or process using such DLL files is terminated. A simple restart can resolve such errors.

Look for Accidentally Deleted DLL Files in the Recycle Bin

Many times it happens that a user deletes a DLL file by mistake, and it’s moved to the recycle bin. If your PC recently started to show DLL file missing errors, this might be the case. Look for such .dll files in the recycle bin and restore them to see if the problem persists.

Scan your System for Malware and Viruses

Sometimes, malware and viruses can cause the “DLL file missing” or “DLL file corrupted” errors. It is advised that you perform Malware and Virus scans weekly to eliminate the possibility of such errors.

Uninstall and Reinstall Troubling Software

If a DLL file error only occurs when you try running a particular software or application, it might be due to complications during installation. Uninstalling such programs from the “Control Panel < Programs” section and reinstalling them with proper steps can resolve them.

Update your OS and Device Drivers

The DLL file not supported error may be caused due to outdated software and drivers. You should update your operating system and device drivers regularly to avoid such errors.

Restore the Deleted DLL Files

If the steps mentioned above aren’t working for you, the DLL file may be permanently deleted from your system. In such cases, you can try restoring these files through dedicated file recovery software or “Windows< Backup and Restore” (for Windows 7) and “Windows< Recovery” (for Windows 10).

If you don’t have any backup or restore versions saved on your windows, you can always try downloading the missing or corrupted DLL file directly. These files are easily accessible on the internet and can be downloaded directly. It’s advised to search for DLL files with specific file names like msvcp140.dll download.

Final Tip

In case nothing mentioned above works, then your DLL file error is a complicated one and might only be solved through a clean installation of Windows. This can wipe out all the saved files from your system, so it’s advised to back up essential files in an external drive.

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