Top online with bonuses that accept payment by mobile

Users often use their phone numbers to fund their casino accounts. Typically, such transactions are instantaneous.

Topping up from a mobile phone: basic advantages

The current top online that accepts pay by mobile confirms that operators are integrating mobile devices into their systems. Platform providers create applications, and convenient adaptive versions, and also allow clients to recharge their accounts directly from their SIM card balance. This method is often used by newcomers and users who want to deposit a small amount of money. Below we outline the advantages and disadvantages of depositing from mobiles and the recharge procedure.

How to deposit from a SIM card balance

Transferring funds to a casino balance from a mobile device works for deposits and withdrawals, but users have to go through a complicated verification procedure when making payments. As for depositing on the gambling operator’s website, it is instantaneous.

The ways to deposit a mobile device balance are:

  • via a special short number;
  • via the mobile operator’s internal app;
  • through the cashier in the casino profile.

Regardless of the chosen method, the player has to confirm the transaction with a code from the SMS. Additional verification is needed to verify that the transactions are made by the owner of the mobile number.

The features of the payment method are a low minimum deposit threshold, which in some casinos is only $1, as well as a low upper limit. Recharging from a mobile phone is used by players who want to deposit some money up to a certain amount. The method is also popular with newcomers who play at low stakes.

Advantages of depositing with a mobile phone

This method of recharging allows you to take advantage of all the features of the bonus programs. A deposit bonus is credited on the same terms as when you transfer money from a bank card or e-wallet.

The convenience of money transfer from a mobile number is that a player does not need to specify payment details, card number, or virtual wallet number additionally. Transactions from a SIM card are difficult to trace, which partially preserves the anonymity of a gambling enthusiast.

Other advantages of recharging a SIM card account

  • Wide availability. Today, almost every inhabitant of the planet has a smartphone.
  • Extensive geography. Thousands of casinos worldwide work with mobile payments.
  • Security. Fraudsters rarely come up with schemes to cheat due to low limits.
  • No tethering to a personal computer. Players can make transfers from anywhere in the world.
  • The possibility of refunds in case of an erroneous transaction. Some casinos can return the deposit if the user proves that the money was transferred by mistake.

The main disadvantage of transactions from mobile devices is that the transfer is subject to a fee. Additional fees are imposed not by the casino but by representatives of the mobile operator. The fee usually ranges from 5 to 13%, depending on the company. This is the reason why players prefer to transfer large amounts through other payment systems.