Why Does Someone Need for a IP Stresser / Booter ?

DDoS attacks are malicious attempts against web servers. The basic rationale for these attempts is that a given group determines the maximum capacity limit set for a network resource. After determining this capacity limit, the network in question will encounter requests that are too high to handle. This prevents the website from working properly.

Generally, DDoS attacks are made to e-commerce sites, online betting sites or other platforms that provide online services. You can use several methods to create a server that wants to be protected from DDoS attacks. Here is the answer of the question “ How can I protect my website from stresser attacks? ”

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What Can Be Done Against IP Booter Attacks?

  1. The firewalls you use on your website can be a powerful measure against DDoS attacks.
  2. You can set a maximum limit for requests from the same IP to your website.

You can keep your security features active by making complete and timely updates of your site.

    1. You can take advantage of the tools that prevent spam traffic.
    2. You can take advantage of anti virus programs and spam blocker firewalls.
  1. You can activate the “rare limit” function, which allows the security of the site by blocking IPs that exceed the maximum request value.

Blackhole Routing Method For Avoding DDoS Attacks

You can use the Blockhole Routing method in order to prevent DDoS attacks to harm your website. In this way, you will have the chance to prevent your server from being damaged by illegal or malicious traffic –you will direct them to another target: to blackholes.

However, such a method may have some disadvantages. All traffic on a website exposed to DDoS attack, including organic web traffic, can be directed to the blackhole by the server. In this case, a serious problem is experienced and users cannot access the website because the browser requests cannot be answered.

Anycast Network Diffusion

When you use this method, the Anycast network tries to prevent the functions of the requests that prevent your web page to work properly by distributing the requests collected at a certain point. Imagine a river with a very high flow rate flowing through a single channel. Then consider the same proportion of water flowing from 5 different channels with the same flow rate. The traffic in the second example will be much easier to handle. To achieve this, it may be quite logical to use a distributed network.

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