Android block ad: best solutions for all browsers and app

The mobile app market is saturated with various solutions to optimize user interaction with the device. The industry of digital products that allow you to block ads on Android is no exception. Now there are a lot of single-type applications with identical features and functions, so it is quite difficult to choose one thing to block ads on YouTube Android, for example.

We have done our industry research and are ready to name you the best ad blocker for Android for 2023. To do this, we will compare several options and analyze their features.

Top 5 modern solutions to block ads on Android

To block ads on Android completely, you need reliable and up-to-date software that can work at the system level, not just in browsers. We have found the best solutions on the market, but even they are not always up to the task and cannot block ads in Google or block ads in Opera, not to mention the problems with specific platforms such as Android TV ad blockers.


A unique software package that allows you to block ads in apps on Android and can work as a game ad blocker.

Its advantages:

  • Dynamic software and content scanning.
  • Smart filtering system with traffic redirection via VPN.
  • 100% protection against malware and content.
  • Flexible service charging model.
  • Support for all modern mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Lightweight components.
  • No impact on the device’s performance.
  • Perfect interface.

To install AWAX, you can use the regular app store, such as Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store, App Gallery, and Samsung Store, or download the executable file directly from the developers’ official site. In any case, you get original software capable of fighting all kinds of ads, dangerous traffic, or malware.

№2 AdLock

A cross-platform utility for mobile and desktop operating systems that work similarly to anti-viruses, systematically scanning software and sites. It removes banners, Flash animations, and video inserts with ads. Supports manual correction of traffic sources.

№3 Ghostery

A unique set of extensions for all popular browsers protects against phishing and tracking and blocks ad creatives on websites. This solution features a link checker that removes malicious code from Internet addresses.

№4 uBlock

It is also an extension and a set of add-ons for browsers. Supports work with all popular tools for web surfing: Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi, and others. There is a manual configuration of filters and traffic sources.

№5 AdBlock

This tool can block ads in Google Chrome or other browsers but is not capable of working with software or the system. It is intended to be installed as an extension and provides filtering of marketing content on web pages.

As you can see, the market for anti-marketing content apps is vast and offers many software options to choose from. But if you need more than just ad blocking on website pages, then your search range is narrowed down to a few software packages. And the favorite in this segment is AWAX.

AWAX is the best ad blocker in 2024 that works on any device. Ensure a quality gaming experience with high performance through innovative anti-spam algorithms. Eliminate tracking and banners from your digital life with AWAX’s unique advanced tool!