Is avast online security good?

The internet is such an awesome invention. It provides so many free educational tools, never-ending sources of entertainment, and numerous ways to communicate with people in your life (professionally or personally). But the downside is that the internet also has a dark side with scrupulous people always wanting to scam or take advantage of others. 

Is Avast Safe

Online antivirus tools like Avast are here to secure your devices and keep these bad people or companies from getting into your computer, phone, tablet, and even smart appliances. But is it worth it? Is Avast online security good?

Avast Online Security on Chrome or Firefox Extensions

If you use Firefox or Chrome for browsing the web, you know that extensions are readily available for free to use. 

Here are the features of Avast’s browser extensions: 

  • Identify and block phishing sites
  • Warn and stop your from downloading malware
  • Block trackers, scripts, cookies that the extension deems malicious

Probably the most useful thing about Avast’s online security tool is the user-generated rating while you surf the web. The extension shows you a rating shield for every site on the search results page. You would either see a green shield (referring to “safe” sites), orange (possibly unsafe), red (definitely a site with malicious or dangerous content), or gray (avast is unsure and has limited data to determine that site’s security status). 

As a user of the Chrome/Firefox Avast extension, you can also add to the rating system and provide your own feedback when you visit a site. 

Avast Antivirus Online Security Features

Then there’s the Avast Antivirus program that you need to download and install. This program will then run in the background of your computer or other device and do its magic in protecting you from harm. In most cases, you’ll only be notified if something is seriously wrong if you are about to download a dangerous file or if a virus, malware, or other threats have already infiltrated your device and needs your attention. 

Here are some security features that Avast antivirus could offer: 

  • Email security: Whether you use it for work or not, there’s a good chance you check your email regularly. Unfortunately, it is also one of the easiest ways for hackers, scammers, and other bad people to get into your device. With Avast running in the background, it will scan your email so you could keep your files safe. It also notifies you if an attachment file is unsafe to download or if the links embedded in an email go directly to a phishing site.
  • Virus scans: You can set up your Avast to run virus scans daily or do it manually with just a one-click of the “Run Smart Scan” button. Avast keeps its database of threats up-to-date, so if you run this scan, it would also download information about new threats. 
  • Real-time malware detection: The program automatically detects if malware is creeping into your device. Avast’s free antivirus program scans your device in the background so you can use your device without the need to scan manually. Avast will only tell you if malware was found and the recommended fix for that specific situation.
  • Wi-Fi Inspector: Sometimes, you don’t need to go to the web to “take-home” a virus or other kinds of threats. Hackers might even target your wi-fi connection (if it’s left unsecured) and wreak havoc in your device. For some, this may just mean that the hacker is using your wi-fi connection, but for others, this could mean bad people stealing your files, data, or even identities. 

If you’re willing to invest in paid plans, Avast provides additional online protection for you. For example, they have a built-in SecureLine VPN (which works like any of the leading VPN providers to keep your exact location hidden from prying eyes). 

Paid Avast version also has a ransomware shield, which keeps your local files safe from people trying to steal them and keep them for ransom. 

Which Avast Antivirus Should You Use?

In 2020, PC Mag investigated Avast for collecting and selling the private web browsing histories of its users. As a result, Avast decided to shut down its data collection arm known as Jumpshot and get back to focusing on Avast’s sole purpose, which is “to make the world a safer place.” 

Avast kept to its word and continues to offer security features with its Avast antivirus program. But many users are still wary of the browser extensions on either Firefox or Chrome, so if you’re looking for a solid antivirus program to protect you while you do all kinds of online activities, download and use the free software instead of using the browser extension. And if you’re running a business, I recommend you invest in a paid plan to double your protection against various threats. 

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